The four founding universities of the Alliance, Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University and the University of Warsaw, signed Declaration on the establishment of the 4EU Alliance on 10 March 2018 in Paris to acknowledge their long-standing cooperation. The University of Milan and University of Copenhagen joined the consortium in the last quarter of the same year, the Alliance thus becoming 4EU+. Rectors of the six institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Heidelberg in January 2019.

4EU + Alliance
The Alliance Signs a New Memorandum of Understanding, Becoming 4EU+, on 17 January, 2019 © Tobias Schwerdt

4EU+ European University Alliance aims to create a new quality of cooperation in teaching, education, research and administration and to establish the appropriate infrastructure which will bring together professors, researchers, students and staff from six institutions. The cooperation is based on a common understanding of the idea of the European university that builds on academic freedom and autonomy and ensures fair access to education.

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Updated on 28 FEB 2019