A new university with a centuries-old tradition, through the merger of UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne on 1st January, 2018, bringing together Arts & Humanities, Medicine and Science & Engineering.

Conférence inaugurale de la chercheuse Wendy Wood
Conference Jan 30 2018

Wendy Wood's Inaugural Lecture on Consumer Habits

Météorites et pierres de chocs
Tour Nov 29 2017 - Jun 12 2018


Forums France Culture Sorbonne Université
Seminar Feb 10 2018 - Mar 31 2018

Forum « L’année vue par les savoirs »

News Jan 29 2018

The Ideation project supported by MSDAVENIR

News Jan 26 2018

New Discoveries on the Cause Alzheimer's Disease

News Jan 2 2018

President of Sorbonne University

News Jan 2 2018

The Art and Science of Plasma

53400 Students

4400 Doctoral candidates

137 Research Units

90 ERC

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Sorbonne University is today the largest and most complete faculty in France, in the field of arts, languages, literature, social sciences and humanities.


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