• Freedom: fundamental to any intellectual activity, freedom is an essential value for Sorbonne University, at the very heart of its academic tradition.
  • Diversity: in the variety of disciplines, careers and know-how, as well as in the faculty, staff and students that form its community.
  • Creativity: intimately linked with the history of Sorbonne University and its interdisciplinary nature, in both research and academics. Creativity is also at the heart of the relationships the university maintains with its students and partners, as well as the way it deals with each new set of scientific problems.
  • Rigor: a fundamental requirement for the scientific and pedagogical approach of Sorbonne University, rigor is the condition of excellence for each of the institution’s research and teaching activities.
  • Openness: to meet the challenges of 21st-century society, Sorbonne University will make the effort to maintain a constant and concerned dialogue with the world around it.
Updated on 25 JAN 2018