Equality between human beings is a fundamental right and a capital value of our university.

This right must be effective and cover all aspects of professional, social, political and cultural life. It is also a major issue for the development of our University.

As part of the implementation of an ambitious policy to advance equality between women and men, the president of Sorbonne University has appointed Véronique Gély as Equality Officer. Her mission is to guarantee professional equality between staff, regardless of their gender or orientation, as well as the equal treatment of students in all fields to fight against all forms of discrimination and gender-based violence. She is in charge of coordinating actions and taking this University policy into its three faculties, to verify the current situation, propose an action plan, raise awareness and prevent discrimination.

The goals of the mission: 

  • Ensure respect for gender equality in recruitment and career development
  • Ensure student equality in the development and progression of studies and orientation processes.
  • Raise the awareness of the entire faculty (staff, students, central services, UFRs, selection committees, component and laboratory directorates) to gender equality issues 
  • Promote the necessary actions to combat sexual and gender-based harassment and gender-based violence.

Confidential reporting

As a student or a staff member at Sorbonne University, if you think you are a victim or a witness of discrimination, contact:

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Updated on 03 JUN 2019