Entrepreneurship Training

The “Pépite” Center is there to help you become an entrepreneur

The Pépite program trains and supports students who want to start a business. It also plays the role of mediator to raise awareness and make them understand what entrepreneurship is. This program gives access to the national status of student entrepreneur, which means students can benefit from the extension of their benefits - including health insurance - until the creation of their company. It helps to strengthen the credibility of young entrepreneurs vis-à-vis their interlocutors, such as banks and potential customers;

It enables candidates to apply to funding contests dedicated to student-entrepreneurs (such as Tremplin) and to specific programs offered in partnership with Pépite France and the Ile-de-France region.

Students earn the Pépite status following a recommendation from the Sorbonne University Pépite Committee and is awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

The D2E

Sorbonne University also offers a university certificate (DU), the Student Entrepreneur Certificate (D2E) with training that supports Sorbonne University students and its partners in the Alliance *, project leaders business creation, towards success.

The D2E includes a mentorship throughout the academic year as well as 50 hours of training from October to March in evening classes that cover strategy, marketing and market research, construction of the business model, accounting and management, financing methods, intellectual property, company law and communications.

The courses are taught by Sorbonne University professors and economic stakeholders specialized in entrepreneurial mentoring. The certificate is issued on the basis of attendance, deliverables throughout the year and a final defense of the progress and viability of the project in June.

The D2E committees select the project leaders on their motivation and their business model, these committees take place in June, July and October.


Download the Pepite brochure (in French)

* The Sorbonne University Alliance brings together 6 members that cover all the disciplines of arts, humanities, medicine, science and engineering, technology and management: Sorbonne University, the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN), INSEAD, Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), Paris Boulogne-Billancourt Higher Education School (PSPBB), and the International Center for Educational Studies (CIEP).



Another component of the system, such as the Fab'lab at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, are spaces dedicated to innovation, enabling multidisciplinary meetings to promote interaction between communities. The Celsa Fablab, launched in September 2016, is dedicated to supporting young talents in the creation of audiovisual and digital formats in partnership with La fabrique des formats and Satt Lutech.

Support for student entrepreneurs

Sorbonne University has a particularly developed entrepreneurial ecosystem. It supports its student entrepreneurs with the Agoranov incubator, the technology transfer company Satt Lutech and the Quadrivium Ventures with a private equity fund of € 56 million.

Updated on 21 MAR 2019