The French Government’s Initiatives of Excellence

France has set itself the goal of developing world-class university hubs, allocating more resources for fundamental research, accelerating technology transfer, and boosting the country’s ability to attract international students and professionals. Starting in 2010, France launched a program of investments for the future, dedicated to higher education and research and placed under the aegis of the General Commissary of Investment, with numerous calls for projects..

Sorbonne University, Funding Recipient for Nearly 70 Projects of Excellence

In the spring of 2012, the Sorbonne Universities Foundation was awarded the Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX) grant. It also made numerous other successful proposals for Investments for the Future funding: Laboratories of Excellence (LABEX), Equipment of Excellence (EQUIPEX), University Hospital Institutes (IHU), Technological Research Institutes (IRT), and Businesses for the Acceleration of Technology Transfer (SATT).

Today, Sorbonne University is the recipient or partner in nearly 70 Projects of Excellence selected for funding in the Investments for the Future program. The IDEX “SUPER” (Sorbonne Universities in Paris for Education and Research) brings all these projects together and ensures their strategic coherence.
Consult the IDEX SUPER project presented in 2012: Idex SUPER

For the complete list of projects, (in French) see:

IDEX SUPER Renewed in 2016

On April 29, 2016, the public authorities upheld an international jury’s recommendation to allow Sorbonne University to prolong the IDEX SUPER for a two-year trial period. This period has enabled Paris-Sorbonne University and UPMC to merge into a new international institution of research and higher-education, and to consolidate the common experience of the previous four years into a single establishment: Sorbonne University.

Consult the report presented to the international jury on December 22, 2015: IDEX report
Consult the international jury’s detailed recommendation: in English.

In March 2018, the international jury will examine Sorbonne University’s new IDEX report and will be called to decide on its continuation.



Updated on 20 MAR 2018