02 DEC 2019

Participatory sciences are great tools for research because they energize the interactions between science and society. Given the growing number of projects of this type (nearly 40), the French National Museum of Natural History and Sorbonne University have decided to take action to give participatory sciences more visibility: The Science Ensemble Portal (Science Together).

This brand new highly anticipated site, Science Ensemble, will increase the visibility and awareness of all the participatory science projects at the Sorbonne University Alliance and contribute to their growth. How? By uniting all participatory science initiatives, their project leaders and participants that have been initiated at Sorbonne University Alliance partners.

Science Ensemble has been designed to respond to different challenges: as a relay platform with detailed fact sheets on each project, and as a resource platform to share information on participatory sciences. Science Ensemble is a professional community site, which will create links and facilitate meetings between everyone in the Alliance who is involved in the field of participatory sciences.

A platform created from a shared idea of the Museum and Sorbonne University

Science Ensemble is a collective and unifying project that has brought together a lot of energy around its creation. Scientists and project leaders from the Sorbonne University Alliance highlight the diversity of existing participatory science projects within their institutions.

A shared platform

Science Ensemble is a collective project that has been built with the project leaders, researchers, members of the steering committee, the team from 65 Million Observers and the communication directorates of the Museum and Sorbonne University—for a community of almost 120 committed participants!

A platform that facilitates the involvement of participants and strengthens the connection between scientists and citizens

By giving greater visibility and clarity to scientific and citizen initiatives, the portal is a key tool for fostering cooperation between civil society and the scientific community. It will generate new synergies and collaborations between researchers, partners and participants.

A community project that creates a business network

The portal houses a business network for better interactions between project leaders. It has a collaborative dimension since researchers and project leaders will share their experiences, practices and tools to improve the quality of projects. These interactions will be organized around a common repository that is enriched by nearly 40 skills.

Le portail Science Ensemble
Le portail Science Ensemble

The Science Ensemble portal

You have a project, you want to participate? Here’s how to get involved!

You can search for projects, programs, or observatories by name, theme, the type of project, the type of audience, the location. Participate in projects or observatories, in the field or online.