Sorbonne University supports researchers in business creation.

Key Figures (2016)

20 start-ups created from Sorbonne University laboratories. This includes eight winners of the national competition for the creation of innovative technology companies (I-Lab) and the world innovation competition (CMI)


Sorbonne University was also involved in the creation of Quadrivium Ventures, a capital investment fund of €56 million to enable the seed funding of young companies with innovative projects that either from or are connected to our laboratories.

Find out more (in French) on the website of Quadrivium Ventures

4 incubators

Sorbonne University also has access to incubator services established in the Ile-de-France, Brittany, Occitania and Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur regions. It collaborates closely with four Ile-de-France incubators: Agoranov, which it houses in its Boulevard Raspail location, Silver Innov’ (website in French only) dedicated to the Silver Economy, and two incubators within its own laboratories, the Vision Institute (in French) founded by Sorbonne University/CNRS/INSERM, and the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM, founded by Sorbonne University/AP-HP/CNRS/INSERM).


Updated on 25 JAN 2018