A powerful network around the world

In Paris, New York, London or Shanghai, Sorbonne University alumni meet regularly to organize events: conferences, lectures, but also cocktail get-togethers after work. A quarterly newsletter, sent by the Foundation, allows them to be kept abreast of the University’s activities, events, news or fundraising campaigns.

Other alumni chapters will be created—on the west coast of the United States, in Switzerland and in Belgium. These chapters help to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Sorbonne University family, whether you are a doctor in California or a historian in Paris.

These initiatives also enhance the reputation of a Sorbonne University education around the world, in both research and business, and enable Alumni and Sorbonne University researchers to meet together as privileged partners.

Participate in events reserved for Sorbonne University alumni:  

  • Exclusive, regular meetings 
  • Quality programming throughout the year 
  • Friendly get-togethers with the chapter members after work

Find the Alumni Chapter closest to you and become a member:

Stay in touch!

For more information on how to join a Chapter or to get involved with Sorbonne University:

Arnaud Magnin, in charge of alumni relations
01 44 27 37 73

The LinkedIn page for Sorbonne University

Updated on 06 JUN 2019