03 OCT 2018

The Franco-Italian University (UFI) is an institution to promote academic and scientific collaboration between France and Italy. It supports numerous projects every year to promote initiatives and the mobility of professor-researchers, students and PhD students. Sorbonne University has 17 laureates for 2018.


The Vinci Program contributes to the process of harmonizing university education in Europe.

Financing of dual degree programs:

In France: Numerical mechanics with Sapienza Università di Roma - Jose Maria Fullana at the Faculty of Science & Engineering)
In Italy: Laurea Magistrale in Scienze filosofiche by Alessandra Beccarisi of the Università del Salento with the Faculty of Arts & Humanitie

Mobility aid for cosupervised PhDs:

France -> Italy:

  • Giovanna Bencivenga for her thesis "Anti-Italianism in France in the seventeenth century: the linguistic question of the Querelle des Lettres at the Orsi-Bouhours quarrel (1624-1735) with the Università degli Studi di Verona (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Federica Bubba for his thesis "Growth models and living tissues; mathematical and numerical analysis "(Faculty of Science & Engineering)
  • Farina Giovanni for her dissertation "Reliable and Soluble Communication in Dynamic Network Compromises" with Sapienza Università di Roma (Faculty of Science & Engineering)
  • Sara Ferronato for her thesis "The cult of Dyonisos in Delphi. Regional identities and specificities of Delphic worship "(Faculty of Arts & Humanities)
  • Anna Schivazappa for her thesis "Mandolinist Women in Europe and the United States from 1730 to 1940" with the Università Statale di Milano (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)

Italy -> France

  • Axel ChemlaRomeu-Santos of the Università degli Studi di Milano for his thesis "Rappresentazione geometriche di segnali musicali e costruzione di pazi genrativi" with the Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Davide Cortesi of the Università degli Studi di Pavia for his thesis on (Invarianza di sistemi stocastici e applicazioni with the Faculty of Sciences & Engineering
  • Mehdi Hassani of the Sapienza Università di Roma for his thesis "Meccanismi responsabili degli effetti dell'esercizio fisico contro atrophia muscolare nellacachessia: ruolo di Srf (serum response factor) as meccano-trasduttore" with the Faculty of Sciences & Engineering
  • Marialuigia Scotton of the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo di Modena for his thesis on "The Anthropology of Nemesio di Emesa Tra Platone and Platonism" with the Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Cristina Urbani of GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute for her dissertation on "Controllo bilineare e problemi inversi per equazioni di evoluzione e sistemi di equazioni di evoluzione accoppiati" with the Faculty of Science & Engineering
Doctoral contracts for cosupervised PhDs:
  • For the thesis "Writing found again: Giorgio Bassani scriptwriter" of the doctoral school Civilizations, cultures, literatures and societies with Sapienza Università di Roma (director of the doctoral school: Alexis Tadié)
Support for postdoctoral insertion:
  • For the project "The Latin grammatical horizon in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD" of the team "Rome and its rebirths: Art, archeology, literature, philosophy" with the Università degli studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale (director: Hélène Casanova-Robin)


The Galilée PHC Program develops scientific and technological exchanges of excellence between the research laboratories of the two countries, encouraging new cooperation by involving a significant participation of young researchers.

  • "Understanding DNA condensation" by Maria Barbi with Università Ca'Foscari Venezia


The UFI / UIF scientific label is awarded to Franco-Italian initiatives of great cultural and scientific interest, accompanied by a possible financing.

  • Aurélie Gendrat Claudel, for the international conference "'I promessi sposi' of Manzoni: The great diversion. Transpositions, parodies and deformations from the 19th century to the present day”
  • Sébastien Morlet, for his project on "the Bible between pagans and Christians in late antiquity: texts, debates and societies"


Sorbonne University contributes to building the European knowledge space by developing partnerships with European universities to facilitate and encourage the circulation of knowledge. Sorbonne University congratulates these many laureates who illustrate the richness and importance of French-Italian cooperation.