• Exhibition
  • Du au
  • Pierre and Marie Curie Campus - Research Library Biology-Chemistry-Physics (patio 13/24) - 4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris
  • Gabriel Sivak (composer), Gaston Igounet (videographer), Benoit Poulain (Luthier), Serge Gruzinski (historian)

In a dark room, the clatter of a typewriter and the crunch of a printer punctuate the scrolling of archival images broadcast on screens, in a sound atmosphere evoking the purring and metal noises of the presses and other printing devices.

This installation, mixing sounds, machines and images, questions the impact of information and communication technologies on artistic creation. It makes the connection between the beginnings of printing, the "first globalization" (in the words of historian Serge Gruzinski) and the dazzling development of digital technologies including the Internet.

Do these technologies constitute an inexhaustible source of knowledge and exchange or, on the contrary, weaken our creative capacities?

From November 15 to December 14, 2018 at the Biology-Chemistry-Physics research library, on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus (entrance by the patio, 9am-7pm).

The installation was made with the support of the Banque Populaire-corporate foundation and the electroacoustic workshop of the Vitry-sur-Seine municipal school.

Rivière d'encre
Ink River, installation for electronic sounds, video and machines