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Fossil Week
La Fossil Week

“Fossil Week" will take place in Paris from 9 to 13 July, 2018. This international paleontological congress will bring together specialists in the discipline from around the world.

To share paleontology with the greatest number of people, a series of lectures entitled "The history of life in the spotlight", will take place on the Pierre and Marie Curie Campus of Sorbonne University.

The first lecture will be held on April 5, in amphitheater 24 at 6 pm and will be given by Sylvie Crasquin, paleontologist at CR2P (Research Center on Paleo-biodiversity and Paleo-environments), director of research at the CNRS - Sorbonne University - MNHN.

The history of biodiversity during geological time has not been a quiet river. It has hit crisis points several times without the intervention of Man.

This public conference, open to everyone, will focus on two major biodiversity crises: the most massive, 250 million years ago and the most famous, 66 million years ago!




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