14 DEC 2018

The Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP - Sorbonne University / CNRS) is expanding to open more conference spaces dedicated to research, as well as an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary mathematics in interaction with other disciplines. The goal is to create a unique place that distinguishes itself from other museums and science centers by integrating research, education and society.

This museum section will appeal to all those curious to discover the scientific spirit, the vast universe of mathematics, its history and what it is in the twenty-first century. It's about showing how a mathematician sees the world, how to understand the full interest of mathematics, where the questions come from, and how they are solved or not. The challenge is to transmit this passion that drives researchers to arouse the curiosity of the greatest number of people.

To find a name for this new space, a call for votes is launched until January 31, 2019.

Espace pour les mathématiques à l'IHP
A new space dedicated to contemporary mathematics