11 JUL 2018
Christine Petit
Christine Petit © William Beaucardet - Institut Pasteur

The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters has bestowed the 2018 Kavli Award in Neuroscience to Christine Petit for her research on the molecular and neural mechanisms of hearing.

Director of the Genetics and Physiology of Hearing Laboratory*, member of the Academy of Sciences and professor at the College de France, Christine Petit has dedicated her work to the biology of hearing and genetics of deafness in humans. Thanks to her research, the understanding of the auditory system has experienced an unprecedented acceleration, enabling, among other things, a better diagnosis of deafness.

In particular, Professor Christine Petit has identified certain genes involved in the hearing and functioning of the inner ear, as well as the molecular mechanisms by which auditory sensory cells transform sounds into electrical signals that can be deciphered by the brain. She has also explored the genetic basis of deafness and the mechanisms that underlie it.

The Kavli Prize is awarded every two years to scientists who have made major advances in astrophysics, nanosciences and neuroscience. Professor Christine Petit will receive a $1 million prize, which she will share with the two other winners of this award: James Hudspeth and Robert Fettiplace.


*The Genetics and Physiology of Hearing Laboratory is a joint research unit of Sorbonne University, Institut Pasteur and InsermL’Académie norvégienne des sciences et des lettres décerne le prix Kavli 2018 en neurosciences à Christine Petit pour ses recherches sur les mécanismes moléculaires et neuronaux de l’audition.