14 NOV 2018

Sorbonne University is "the best-ranked newcomer of the table," says THE. In the previous edition, the two universities, which merged in January 2018, to create Sorbonne University were 123rd place for UPMC and 196th place for Paris-Sorbonne. 

The ranking reinforces the position of Sorbonne University as a university of intensive research at the international level. 

"This is confirmation that the creation of this new university, which benefits from the reputation of the Sorbonne and the talent of all its teams, is recognized world-wide," said Jean Chambaz, president of Sorbonne University. 

The Sorbonne University results in the various rankings published in 2018 converge: 36th among the world's universities and 9th in Europe in the 2018 ARWU Shanghai ranking, 3rd in Europe after Oxford and Cambridge for education in the Times Higher Education rankings, classed 19th in the Leiden world rankings, and 75th in the QS standings.

For more information, Times Higher Education 2019  

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