"It seemed natural to me to become a student guide to welcome new students"

I am active in many organizations and associations, at both the Office of Arts and Culture at the Faculty of Sciences & Engineering of Sorbonne University and at home, in the Seine-et-Marne, as a member of a neighborhood association that organizes music festivals and other events that bring people together. It seemed natural to me to become a student guide to welcome new students at the University, so that their entry into the campus takes place in the best possible conditions. I like being able to help and connect people. I appreciated this support when I arrived at this campus in 2014 to follow the preparation program for Polytech engineering schools (PeiP).

After two years, I joined Polytech-Sorbonne University, in a robotics program and I was accepted directly into the 3rd year. Eventually, I would like to apply my training in robotics to the field of health. It is a field that concretely provides help to people who are in need.

When you leave high school you are not always sure you have made the right choice of orientation. It's reassuring to say that we are now in a university that offers a broader academic offer. An offer that is not limited to the scientific field or to the literary domain. This diversity within the same university facilitates bridges between courses; it corresponds to students who are, like me, curious about everything.
© Pierre Kitmacher - Sorbonne Université

© Pierre Kitmacher - Sorbonne University

Updated on 16 AUG 2018