The University carries out regular employability studies to ensure it is meeting the needs of the business sectors and can adjust its academic programs accordingly.

The graduates of the Faculty of Arts

The survey of all master's graduates in 2013, as of 01/12/2015, 30 months after graduation (source: Observatory of Vocational Integration and Courses)

  • Insertion rate (master graduates in employment/all masters graduates in employment or job search): 90%
  • Rate of immediate pursuit of studies (in 2013-2014) in a doctorate: 7%

Master’s students in employment 30 months after graduation:

  • 73% are executives (including in the public service)
  • 40% work in the private or non-profit sector, 51% work in the public service
  • 73% have long-term contracts (including civil servants)

The opinion of graduates:

  • 86% are satisfied or very satisfied with their job
  • 62% use the skills acquired during their master’s degree
  • 84% are satisfied or very satisfied with the level of responsibility entrusted to them

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The graduates of the Faculty of Science & Engineering

The BVA Agency survey conducted among graduates with a bachelor’s degree in 2015, 12 months after graduation and with master's graduates in 2014, 30 months after graduation.

  • Employment rate: 93% of which 35% of PhD students
  • Rate of continuation of studies after a bachelor’s degree: 94%

Master’s student employment rate 30 months after graduation:

  • 86% are executives (including public service executives)
  • 70% work in the private sector
  • 81% are in long-term contracts (including civil servants)
  • 85% have a job in accordance with their level of training
  • 73% have a job in accordance with the content of their training
Updated on 24 JUL 2018